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If FactCat says it are a fact, it are a fact.
A Fact provided by Winston Churchill

A highfalutin' term for making shit up. Throwing one of those around could land yourself in Internet court. Before saying that an opinion is a fact please consult the following source and consider it’s message before using phrases like «it’s a fact» as an order to us for subscribing to your opinions. This sentence = not fact, just opinion, lulz points deducted. It would do well to remind internet pundits the difference between a fact and an opinion.

A fact is a piece of text pasted from a Wikipedia article.[citation needed] In the past a fact was something that could be objectively verified as real, according to the standards of proof demanded by logical positivism and scientific realism. The invention of The Internet made the external justification of facts using peer-reviewed research and education irrelevant, replacing them with a plethora of reliable, electronic means of verification. For a list of facts, see the article on common knowledge.


[править] Factual Inaccuracy

[править] How to Identify Factual Inaccuracies

Any statement that:

  • Begins with: «Studies show»
  • Begins with: «My fellow Americans»
  • Begins with: «Some say/Some have stated»
  • Begins with: «My client is clearly»
  • Begins with: «I was talkin with my girlfriend/buttbuddy(moar likely)/rapist(even moar likely)»
  • Begins with: «I’m not a (racist, sexist, homophobe, lawyer, doctor, nigger, Scientologist etc.), but…» (See also: dubious disclaimer)
  • Begins with or contains the phrase: «It’s obvious that»
  • Begins with: «Trust me I know»
  • Begins with: «At the end of the day…»
  • Begins with: «The state of the union is strong…»
  • Begins with: «In the bible» or «It says in the bible»
  • Has a woman saying that she didn’t want to be raped.
  • Ends with the phrase: «It’s true, they tested it on Mythbusters
  • Ends with the phrase: «True story.» For black persons, synonyms are «Chunk», «On God», «Real Talk», or «On my Momma/bird/dead [insert family member].»
  • Is taught at an educational establishment.
  • Appears in a movie based on a «True story».
  • Appears in anything animated.
  • Anything to do with Japan/Anime.
  • Appears outside of Encyclopedia Dramatica.

[править] Как определить

Любое утверждение, которое:

  • Начинается с: «Исследования показывают»
  • Начинается с: «Мои соотечественники»
  • Начинается с: «Кто-то говорит/Кто-то утверждает»
  • Начинается с или содержит фразу: «Очевидно что»
  • Начинается с: «Верьте мне, я знаю»
  • Начинается с: «В итоге…»
  • Начинается с: «Положение страны устойчиво…»
  • Начинается с: «В Библии» или «Это говорится в Библии»

[править] List of People who Rely on Factual Inaccuracies

[править] List of people who have never told a lie

[править] Factual Inaccuracies and ED

Simply put, most of the articles on ED are the truth. Don’t believe it? Well then search up that topic in another source, and watch as ED was right the whole time.

[править] Example of a Fact Often Mistaken for an Opinion

[править] Example of an Opinion Often Mistaken for a Fact

[править] See Also

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